Serving Miami Dade County Residents Since 1979…

We received the first Florida State Clinic License for a women’s outpatient clinic specializing in Gynecology and Minimally Invasive Gynecology Procedures (License # 100). For over 30 years we have received excellent reviews from nationally recognized regulatory and accreditation agencies like Cola, the premier clinical laboratory and accreditation organization, and from the Florida Agency for Health Care, which is the chief health policy, and planning entity for the State of Florida. At our last two inspections we received 100 a perfect score for clinic protocol, policy and procedures, patient care, quality assurance, sterile techniques, infection control. For your added protection, safety, and peace of mind our staff is tested regularly and OSHA Standard and Guidelines are strictly enforced. Additionally, physicians and staff are all certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

We have established University Standards for all of our medical procedures; therefore physicians are either Board Eligible or Board Certified in their specialized fields of practice. The Medical Director is a Board Certified Diplomat of The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, certified in laparoscopy colposcopy, hysteroscopy, and in vaginal reconstruction and rejuvenation surgery. Member of our team are also board certified in anti-aging medicine and certified as Menopause Clinicians who educate train, and research the science of menopause.

For over 30 years Eve Women’s Medical Centers have been committed to providing women of all ages and backgrounds excellence in women’s health care services, patient satisfaction and preventive surgery by encouraging women to be informed and focus on prevention and encourage women to advocate for themselves and to respect the changing needs of women’s health care in a manor based on a holistic approach. Our commitment extends to our patients, their families, and their love ones, all those who trust us with the privilege of their healthcare.

About Us

We are dedicated to safe, state–of-the-art, innovative surgeries and healthy lifestyles for women of all ages. We provide a nurturing environment, the physicians and staff strive to promote a partnership in your healthcare and make every effort to bridge the sterile science of diseases with our patient’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Everyone at one time or another will be confronted with difficult health decisions. You will want your physician and staff to have the knowledge, experience, and sensitivity that we have to guide you safely through the decision-making process. At Eve Medical, we are the experts with more than three decades of experience in handling all facets of a contemporary women’s health care and we are comfortable in discussing it with you. Here no question is too intimate, no subject is taboo. Your health is too important to risk by avoiding sensitive issues. You can ask us anything and you will always get straight answers. Naturally, all discussions and treatments are confidential-bound by the sacred patient-doctor relationship. You can talk to us!

So, when you visit our offices, you’ll feel comfortable in spacious surroundings, decorated with you in mind. All instruments used in the exam are sterilized and at room temperature set up and made ready before you arrive. Before or after your visit, checkup, procedure, or ultrasound, there is always enough time to discuss your health, findings, or results, with the nursing staff or the doctor. We offer you many diagnostic tests and gynecologic procedures conveniently in our offices, you’ll like our office hours; for busy women on the go. We can arrange for same day appointments, we also have mornings, afternoons, early evenings, lunch-hour appointments and Saturdays. Special Sunday appointments can also be arranged for an additional charge.

We have an emergency 24 Hour Hotline, answered by a member of our nursing staff.

Our Expert Gynecologic Services include;

Abnormal Pap Smears
Abnormal Menstrual Cycles
Bladder Prolapse
Birth Control
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Complete Laboratory Work (Urinalysis, Anemia, Pregnancy Testing)
Ectopic Pregnancy
Menopause risk Assessment
Office Ultrasound
Sterilization Procedures
Termination of Pregnancy
Uterine & Vaginal Prolapse
Well-Women Visits
Weight-Management & Weight –Loss Programs


Birth Control
Family Planning Services
Pregnancy to Term, Delivery, Adoption
Sterilization Procedures
Termination of Pregnancy Options and Alternatives
Tubal-Ligation, Implanon and Ensure
Understanding your Menstrual Cycle
Understanding PAP Smear Results
Preventing Sexual Transmitted Diseases (HIV, HPV, ETC.)
Women and Teens, Nutrition, Diet, and Weight Control Counseling


*Free Walk In Pregnancy Testing, Monday through Friday (Saturday by appointment only)

*Free Ultrasound Exam By Appointment Confirm Your Pregnancy Only

*Free Pregnancy Counseling