Women’s Fetal-Indication

Pregnancy Termination - Fetal-Indication

Your genetic counselor or your OB/GYN doctor may have referred you to our facility because they have informed you that there are very serious medical problems with your pregnancy.

We know this unexpected news is devastating, and your decision to come to our center must be distressing for you, and your love ones. We understand what you are going through; we know that this experience will be one of the most difficult situations of your life.

Eve Women’s Medical Center, is here for you, we are a private medical practice specializing in healthcare services for women, and outpatient surgery including specialized high risk pregnancy terminations. Our highly skilled Board Certified OB/GYN surgeons and well trained nursing staff are experienced in providing quality care, compassion, comfort and assistance to you and your family during this crisis. We will make every effort to help you and your family during this difficult time.

We specialize in fetal anomaly cases, and work closely with most of the perinatologists in Florida. We provide specific scheduling, private rooms, and private recovery area. Your care will be personally coordinated by our medical director, he will work with your physician to answer questions and coordinate any special requests.

In order to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed when you visit our clinic, after you have scheduled your appointment, we will assign a member of our nursing team to you as a personal confidant. They work closely with regional genetic centers and they understand both you medical and emotional needs. Our staff are experienced in handling all stages and facets of the grief process and can help you with any sensitive issues you may have, naturally all discussions and treatments are confidential.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this procedure or other services we provide. For more information about what you may expect while at our center, please call us during normal business hours which are 9am-5pm, Monday –Saturday, Sunday appointments are also available for your connivance.

24 HOUR HOTLINE (305) 591-2288 or (305) 670-9797